Policy Statement

Policy Statement

As a policy, De-Mbarukas Limited is committed to practice in a way that will guarantee and:

  1. Creates a safe place of work exit and access in normal work condition and in the case of emergency.
  2. Maintain safe working tools, plant and other equipments.
  3. Employ safe working standards and employ world best practice.
  4. Provides adequate welfare arrangement for staff including such provision for lighting, heating, seating, drinking water, sanitary facilities, air conditioning, First Aid etc.
  5. Safe methods for storing, handling and transportation of goods, substances, samples, including samples storage and safe sample handling and disposal.
  6. Make room for information, transition, instruction, training and supervision as necessary to ensure efficient and safe working, compliance with national legislation and company rules. The company will continually update knowledge of staff.
  7. Consultation with employees, or their representatives with a view to making and maintaining adequate effective arrangements for health safety welfare.

There can be no doubt that with correct and responsible attitude towards safety, adequate procedures and the adoption of modern safety management techniques, the incidence of injury and damage can be substantially reduced and efficiency improved. Management and employees must be constantly aware of their responsibilities and the need for, and the benefits of, a well-constructed and properly conducted accident prevention programme.

It is to the end of providing accident free work environment that is desirable with rules and regulations for efficiency maximization that the company places as top priority. Our striving therefore is to educate staff of their need for safety.

Management will carefully examine and analyze accident impact assessment of all equipment and its location with a view to mitigating al adverse impact.

Assessment will be made of all accident with a view to identifying the cause and forestalling re-occurrence.